Welcome to West View Baptist Church

West View Baptist is a Southern Baptist Church in Cookeville, TN with deep roots in the community of the northwest part of town. Founded as a mission of First Baptist Church Cookeville in the mid-1940s the church was chartered on May 14, 1950 under the leadership of Pastor John Brown. Over the last 70 years West View has remained active in local outreach ministries reaching into and giving back to the community which birthed the church.

We are blessed with an amazing facility which provides plenty of room for ministry and for growth. The building is used by several different organizations (see our events calendar) all intent on serving people from the community and showing the hope of Christ in us. Despite the size of the church building our fellowship maintains the kind of small church feel and relationships many are looking for in today's culture of 'bigger is better'. At West View we know everyone not just by name but as a brother or sister. We are family first and foremost.

At West View we believe that church should be about living life together in all its beauty, sadness and the not so pretty times. We are transparent and believe that it is through the fellowship of the congregation that we grow and mature in the image of Christ. By no means are we perfect and we do not try to come across as if we are. We live life with the mindset that God is not done with us yet and every day is a time for growth in the Holy Spirit.

We would love the opportunity to meet you and your family and pray that God blesses you in your search for where He wants you to serve the Kingdom.

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